About us

Wide range of capabilities

INFRA Ltd is a structural engineering company with a wide range of capabilities in the sense of designing significant structures of all kind. Our main occupation is the design of varying types of bridge structures, retaining structures and industrial facilities. We are working to provide high quality services in the areas of design, supervision, technical assistance and infrastructure project management.

INFRA Ltd Sarajevo was founded in 2018 by experienced engineers who gain their experience working on major structure and infrastructure projects at home and abroad.

- Why Us?

Experienced design staff, along with computer design and the latest technologies, allow us to create plans, specifications, cost estimates, visualizations, and simulations for various types of facilities, ranging from new structures to expanding, strengthening, and upgrading existing structures.
We successfully combine expertise, years of experience, creativity, dedication, modern technology, the latest theoretical knowledge in risk analysis and practical knowledge to ensure that the client and contractor receive a technically sound, well-researched and economically designed end product.